One Mile South Of Hell is the second book in a new series of pulp western stories following the (mis)adventures of a drunken, one-eyed bounty killer named Patch Gunn. Presented in the retro-style of a 1940s pulp American magazine, complete with faux-advertisements redolent of that time period, this highly collectable short story is brought to you by genre publishing company Pulp Pup Books, Inc. and is available in a limited print run. Written by D.G. Bell (the Ends Meat series) and beautifully illustrated by Jake Smithies, One Mile South Of Hell is destined to become a collector’s item for all fans of pulp storytelling and classic western iconography.

Only a limited run of these 116 page A6 books will be produced. Also in the run up to release a T-Shirt will be available via the campaign link below!

Get your hands on one of these Patch Gunn products whilst they are available and thank you for supporting independent artists! Buying projects like this makes it possible to survive as an artist!